Secrets of Weight Loss Revealed

This book promotes the healthy MELE LIFE lifestyle and is a light-hearted look at the struggles everyone encounters when trying to lose weight. And though it takes an irreverent, and silly, approach to the serious topic of weight loss, the primary purpose of this book is to make you laugh. Each chapter of this book is beautifully illustrated with unique artwork designed specifically for this topic, making it an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, and just for fun. Enjoy this quick read, laugh out loud, and share the simple message with all your friends, loved ones, and co-workers.
You may also enjoy the identical-twin book: Secrets of Health and Fitness Revealed.

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MELE Life book cover Wt Loss

Chapter 1Advice on dieting
Chapter 2Advice on exercising
Chapter 3Diet and exercise advice
Chapter 4Losing weight for men
Chapter 5Losing weight for women
Chapter 6Losing weight to improve your sex life
Chapter 7Losing weight for married couples
Chapter 8Losing weight for singles
Chapter 9Losing weight for young adults
Chapter 10Losing weight for old adults
Chapter 11Losing weight for the busy professional
Chapter 12Losing weight for the retired
Chapter 13Losing weight for the rich
Chapter 14Losing weight for the poor
Chapter 15Losing weight for the morbidly obese
Chapter 16Losing that last 10 lbs
Chapter 17Losing weight for celebrities
Chapter 18Losing weight for the criminally insane
Chapter 19Losing weight for the rest of us
Chapter 20The Two Best Kept Secrets for Losing Weight

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